This document will provide step by step procedures to allow you to monitor and create a Footprints Service Core ticket if a Relay is no longer running the BMC Client Management Service (port 1611 unavailable).

*Prerequisite: BCM v12.0 with at least the hotfix release 141216s_ONEOFF (Release Date of 12/16/2014)


  • Create an operational rule that will “Check URL”
    • Prior to this release the check URL function did not support https. Since all default installations of BCM use SSL we were not able to use this step to check our Relays.
  • Generate an Alert if URL unreachable
  • Create Template in FPSC
  • Hook the template to this Op Rule under Global Settings.

Create Operational Rule

  • The first step is to create the Operational Rule that will check the URL. Because every device that has an agent communicates over port 1610 and has a URL we can now check to see if the service is up.

Check URL Availability

  • Use the IP Address, Host Name or the FQDN name of the Relay you are checking. The URL should be: https://MyRelay:1611/login/login.html/
  • From your Master Server or whichever box you plan to run these rules from verify you can bring up the login box.

Login Page

    • Remember your topology and VLAN security. You may need to assign this rule to a Relay that has the ports open to check a downstream Relay. You may not be able to reach all Relays from the Master server. You may need to have various devices run this Rule. Make sure you always stay UPSTREAM so that if a Relay fails the rule can be uploaded to the master and a ticket can be opened.
    • Set up a separate Rule per Relay and use a rule name like “BCM Relay Check for ‘RelayName’. This way when the Alert is created and a Ticket opened you will know quickly which Relay is having issues.
    • You will need to schedule these rules to run on a schedule. I would suggest every 10 minutes or so. You don’t want to run it more frequently than that so the overhead is reduced and if you have 20 Relays or more they will all have a chance to run.
  • Stop the Service on a Relay to verify an Alert is created. (You may wish to set up a TEST relay and not stop a production relay.


  • Once you have the rule set up and tested then set the rule to run on a schedule. This rule should not run every minute but I think every 10 minutes would get the job done.

Set up Footprints Service Core or RemedyForce Template

If you are not the ITSM admin you will need to request that a template be created that BCM can use to create the ticket and assign to the proper BCM administrator(s).

FPSC Template

Screen Shot of FPSC Created Templates


Enable BCM URL Check to create ticket

BCM needs to be configured to hook into your ITSM solution to create the ticket.

  • Go to Global Settings > External Integration > FPSC/RemedyForce
  • Open item: Check URL Availability (See screen shot below)


Integration Alert Settings

Integration Alert Settings

Open the section called “Agent Based Monitoring” and check the box for “URL Check Availability” and select your new template.
Agent Based Monitoring

Agent Based Monitoring

TEST again to ensure all is working

Stop the service again from your TEST relay that has the Op Rule assigned to verify a ticket is created in FPSC/RemedyForce and is assigned to the proper IT personnel.

Stop BCM Service

Stop BCM Service

Op Rule Log showing the URL is unreachable:
Operational Rule Log File

Operational Rule Log File

Alert Created in BCM:
Event Log

Event Log

Email Sent to Asset Core/BCM admin (preferences set to send alert for my profile):
Email Sent

Email Sent

Ticket Created in FootPrints Service Core:
New Ticket

New Ticket

And you are alerted! Work the ticket from your ITSM solution. This is now assigned to the proper group and reportable from either FPSC or RF.

Steve Gibbs 
Sr. Systems Consultant 
RightStar Systems