BMC is offering 90 days of on-premise BCM licenses – up to 500 nodes! But how can you make sure you get good value out of this offer?

Steve Gibbs during "Stay at Home"

Introducing Steve Gibbs, aka BCM Wizard!

Steve will spend 4 hours with you to get your BCM system up and running and discovering those 500 end points. Reserve your time now!

  • Watch Steve razzle dazzle you with the ease of attaching to your Active Directory
  • Let him show you how to create agents and roll them out
  • Work with him on refining the discovery schedule
  • Feel relief that your system is set up properly so you can really test it!
  • Bonus: If time permits, he’ll take you through reporting and operational rules!

If you need more Steve Time after the initial setup, ask your RightStar rep about our limited-time 2 day and 4 day services offerings at reduced rates!


This offer is good through July 30th.