Did you know you can create a report that will identify all newly created objects in FootPrints Asset Core? Here’s how . . .
Create a query using the create time and set the values to:

  • Operator=Greater Than
  • Radio Button=Time Frame
  • Value= -1 Month

FPAC Easy Query Builder

FPAC Easy Query Builder

Preview the result and select SQL Result to verify only devices created 30 days or less are returned.
SQL Results

Change results to include SQL fields.

If this is the results you are looking for then create a device group based on this query.
Next, create a report with the columns you want included in the report and assign this report to the newly created device group. Set the report to run automatically once every month and send to all interested parties.
Now you have a report that automatically runs each month detailing newly deployed devices AND/OR devices that have been reimaged.