How to Use BMC Support

Now that the old Numara Support site no longer is updated with Client Management Patches and there is the new method of requesting support I thought it would be good to provide information on how to navigate the BMC Support site.
First you will need to have your “Support ID and PIN” in order to create a profile to access the EPD location where all Product Downloads and Patches are stored. This information was sent from your Sales Rep to the main Point of Contact. As the BMC Client Management Application Owner aka Super Admin you will need to ask for this information from the person at your organization that was part of the purchasing process. Once you have this information you can create a “Profile”.
Make sure you select all the options as BMC now uses “SSO”:


Click all that apply… Make sure to select Support and access to Communities (allows you to post questions and ideas).

Once you have added all the required fields you will get a confirmation email allowing you access to the system using a temp password.
Each admin should create their own account so when a support ticket is entered the technician has both the email and phone number of the person that created the ticket. It is not recommended that you create a company account that is used to enter support tickets. The tech must be able to contact the POC of the ticket.
To Download the Software use this link:
To view a video published by BMC on this process follow this link: HOW TO USE EPD
You must agree to the export page on every visit.
The next page will present all the software your company has purchased and has rights to download:
Licensed Software

Licensed Software

Make sure you select the proper software based on latest release and OS Type.
When using this method to do your initial installation the current patch level is built in to the initial installation. To keep the product current you will need to go to the Patches section on this page to download the most recent released patch.


I highlighted those items to assist you in the patch for v12.1, Windows 64 bit, release on 6/6/2016, 400 MB file.
Every time BMC releases a Hotfix (Patch) or new version release, this is where you will need to go to download those files.
The same Username (Email Address) and Password will be used to enter support tickets. The link to enter a new ticket is here:
Enter a Support Ticket
To access the most current Wiki, open the HELP menu item in the Client Management Console and select “On Line Wiki Help”. At the time of this writing the current version is v12.1 and the link to that wiki is:
On Line WIKI Help
This WIKI is where you can download the white papers for BMC Client Management BUT you must have a logon to access these PDFs. The link is in the WIKI under it own menu item on the left.
BMC Communities is the best place to review Q&A and ask questions of your own to both insiders (BMC Support and Development) and Users. This is where you can see how others solved issues and use the tool to it fullest. The link:
BMC Communities for Client Management
A post that may come in handy for applying patches:
Latest Hotfix Announcements
Importing a NEW LICENSE file is required if you own Patch or Compliance Management due to their expiration dates. Customers must get a license renewal when their maintenance agreement is renewed. This will allow BCM to continue to get updates and stay current for both modules. After you have renewed your agreement you must contact support to have them generate a new license file. The Numara software site was where customers could down load the new license file. That link is:
Numara Software Support
After you login this is where the license download is located:
License File

License File

If you have selected RightStar as your L1 provider, we will handle all of these issues for you. Just contact us and would will do all the work for you keeping the complexity to a minimum.
RightStar Level 1 Support Contact: 
            Email: [email protected]
            Portal: Http://
                        Login: customer email address
                        Password: support
            Phone: 866.731.1921