BMC isn’t the only thing to get a new logo around here lately.  FootPrints Asset Core has been re-branded and is now BMC Client Management.

New Branding

New Branding

For some of you, this news might fall into the “finally” realm and to others, it might fall into “what changed?” Here is everything you need to know about BMC Client Management 12: why the name changed, what it means for you, and of course, what’s new with the latest release.

Name Change

The name change has been a long time coming, and for some started roughly a year ago as FootPrints Asset Core technology was integrated into solutions across the BMC IT Service Management portfolio (including Remedyforce and Atrium CMDB). The new name lends itself to all of the BMC solution brands, and we are looking forward to continuing to innovate and integrate with FootPrints Service Core, Remedyforce, and Remedy moving forward.
The best part for you: it is the same great technology you and your customers are familiar with today. While the name has changed, it is not an overhaul, rewrite, or forklift upgrade.  BMC Client Management is a seamless upgrade from version 11. The menus are the same. The concept of operational rules is intact. The quick integration links, instant expert, and wizard technology all remains at your fingertips.
Client Management is still compatible with Footprints v11.5.x and v11.6.x as well as v12.x. No need to upgrade your Service Core installation to be able to use all the new functionality found in this latest release.
BMC Client Management can be sold as a suite or as individual modules and is offered both on premise and on demand.

What’s New in BMC Client Management 12

Review the new features in BMC Client Management 12.

SCAP Compliance: BCM is a Certified Solution

Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) might be most interesting to organizations that are bound by high security requirements. Examples include, but are not limited to, federal governments or organizations that contract with federal agencies. SCAP is a specification established by the National Institution of Standards and Technology (NIST) and standardizes the format and nomenclature by which security software communicates information about software flaws and security configurations.


Leveraging SCAP, an organization can easily validate their systems and application security by checking against a standardized SCAP compliance template. Who better to drive the best in security than the governments that maintain the most secure systems in the world? For most organizations, it is ensuring against a breach and could result in financial savings if the vulnerabilities are identified and remediated sooner rather than later. But a favorite part of this feature is the certification: BMC Client Management is currently the only asset solution certified by NIST for SCAP version 1.2.


Much of the rest of the release has been dedicated to helping make an administrator’s job easier. Customers and partners talked, and we listened: whether it was a face-to-face visit, an idea on the  BMC Communities site, or a phone call with the product team. Where verifications previously took multiple steps and different screens, BMC Client Management puts them all into a step-by-step tabbed wizard. We went further by adding Go-To logic so that if one step doesn’t complete as planned, you can automate what happens next.
And we updated the schedulers—not just one but all of them. The language is clear. It’s intuitive and repeatable. There is nothing better for automation than scheduling something to happen this way at this time and then just sitting back and reaping the rewards of your few minutes of hard work over the months to come.
We also updated the Security Profile wizard. It has never been so easy to set up role-based security for an individual administrator or a group of administrators. Simply default to full access, or name your group and verify the capabilities they have rights to manage or just view.

And There is Much More

  • IPv6 support
  • Merging devices
  • MSI imports (really great for those of you moving from BladeLogic Client Automation to BMC Client Management)
  • MyApps improvements
  • Custom fields for assets
  • Direct access permissions
  • Additional web services
  • Several ideas from the BMC Communities space