Version 12.6 has simplified the methods used to “Customize” interface that is customer facing.  These changes include but are not limited to the following:

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  • Reports – Company logo:
    • In previous versions the admin was required to place their company logo in the Master server’s file system. Now, the image can be uploaded using the Global > System Variables > Reports.
      • Add Logo - Reports

        Add Logo – Reports

  • Customize – Direct Access
    • The interface has completely changed when an admin requests Direct Access/Remote Control. When an admin Requests Remote control the company logo and if populated the admin’s photo is also displayed.
    • Remote Control

      Remote Control

    • Notice in the image above there is also an image of the admin.  This too must be added to complete the task of completing the new interface. I would suggest planning ahead and have these personalized “head shots” available prior to upgrading to 12.6. These are added to the Global Settings > Administrators section:
    • Add Admin Photo

      Add Admin Photo

    • Updated Photo

      Updated Photo

    • This is the NEW interface the customer will see:
    • Request Remote Control

      Request Remote Control

    • Please note – The end user now has more options to select…  Full Control or View Only!
  • Patch Branding – Updated
    • In  previous versions, customers were required to add 5 BMP files placed in a folder named “res” with your company logo and then using Software Deployment, push these files to Clients placing these files into the ..\data\core folder . This is now deprecated and the new message boxes will appear.
    • Patch Branding

      Patch Branding

    • If a user wishes to “postpone” either the installation process or a Reboot, the “Shield” now will be more visible:
    • Patch Message Restore

      Patch Message Restore

Prior to upgrading to v12.6, I would highly suggest planning your strategy to inform your users to the new interfaces and gather your admin’s “head shots” so your solution looks complete and professional!
I applaud these new improvements to simplify the customizations many customers had implemented in previous versions.
Steve Gibbs