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RightStar ITSM Process Consulting Services
with ITIL Process Maturity Assessment and
Actionable Service Improvement Roadmap

An IT Service Management Process Assessment is critical for organizations wishing to advance process maturity for the purpose of improving IT service delivery responsiveness, maintaining consistent levels of service, and increasing your customers’ satisfaction. RightStar ITSM Process Consulting conducts assessments grounded in ITIL and industry best practices, resulting in an actionable roadmap that begins with where your organization is today and guides you step-by-step to where you want to be tomorrow.

ITSM Process Consulting: Maturity Assessment
The goal of RightStar’s ITSM Process Maturity Assessment is to identify the key areas within your organization that can provide the most significant return on your service management investment. We conduct an analysis of your current IT service management processes and make specific recommendations in the form of an actionable roadmap that is based on the ITIL framework and industry standard good practices.

Gap Analysis
RightStar conducts an in-depth analysis of your existing processes, assessing the effectiveness of what you are doing in the following focus areas:
• Incident Management
• Problem Management
• Change Management
• Service Asset and Configuration Management
• Service Level Management
• Service Request Management

Findings Presentation and Strategic Process Roadmap document with recommendations for a Continuous Improvement Plan

Based on our findings, we provide you with practical and actionable steps that you can take to dramatically improve your service management operations. We’ll lay out what tasks you should tackle first and which can be addressed at a later time. You’ll be prepared to decide on the initiatives to move forward with and which are not worth the investment of your time and resources. 

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