RightStar Customer Care Program

for BMC Remedy, FootPrints, and Service Desk Express

As with any investment, you want the confidence that your BMC service desk will continue to provide your organization with value over time. The RightStar Customer Care Program ensures that your management, administrators, and end-users are always equipped with the information they need to operate at maximum efficiency.

RightStar consultants will spend a week each quarter reviewing your current Remedy, FootPrints, or Service Desk Express installation and service management practices. Our system architects will analyze your server configuration and operation, providing specific recommendations on how to optimize the performance of your Remedy, FootPrints, or SDE system. We will also examine your service management process workflow, including, as applicable: incident, asset, change, problem, and facilities, as well as the synchronization of these areas across your organization.

Benefits to the Service Desk and IT Management
As part of the RightStar Customer Care Program, your IT support management and executives may elect to receive quarterly business review updates. These reviews provide IT and service desk managers with strategic views for identifying and executing changes on issues that affect the cost and quality of services, as well as the integration of service delivery into external departments.

Benefits to the Service Desk User
RightStar’s Customer Care Program will help your key service desk analysts improve their understanding and everyday use of the software. These users are entitled to up to 40 hours of one-on-one consulting to address specific problems, challenges, or issues they may be facing. This consulting is not intended to replace technical support, but rather offer your analysts a resource to share problems, validate ideas, and search for solutions to operational issues.

Benefits to the Administrator
Your Remedy, FootPrints or  SDE administrators also receive significant benefits under the CCP. As part of a week-long, quarterly update visit, RightStar can provide instruction on:

  • Software Enhancements and Add-ons
  • System Administration Features and Functions
  • System Administration Tips and Tricks
  • System Tuning and Troubleshooting Techniques


Contact RightStar to request information and pricing for RightStar’s Customer Care Program


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