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Securing Your IT Assets Using BCM
July 27, 2017   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Join us as Steve Gibbs, RightStar Sr. Systems Consultant and BCM Guru, shows you how BMC Client Management (BCM) can help you easily secure your technology endpoints, maintain software compliance, and keep your data safe from viruses and outages.



30 Minutes to Better Incident Management Using ITIL and Agile
August 2, 2017   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Gain new insights and learn new practices for managing incidents, no matter what service desk tool you use. Nikki Haase of RightStar will share her expert ITIL and Agile process knowledge with you so that you leave the webinar with practical ideas for improving the way you administer Incident Management.



Six Ways to Achieve a Digital Workplace in Your Organization
September 13, 2017   |   2 PM ET   1 PM CT   11 AM PT

Join us as Anne Brock of RightStar shows you step-by-step how you can transform your organization into a Digital Workplace using these six action items as your guide:

  • Put mobility first – design mobility into all of your tools, not just as an afterthought;
  • Deploy simple and intuitive technology based on how your employees work;
  • Automate manual tasks – increase productivity with the smart use of intelligent algorithms;
  • Crowd-source – rely on your users to discover what tools are critical for their work;
  • “Lean service” your systems – eliminate delays, duplication, unclear communications, and errors;
  • Enable high-speed IT – accelerate time to deploy and update services.





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