ScanStar Classic for BMC ITSM Solutions

ScanStar on smartphoneTrack your fixed assets quickly and accurately in BMC Remedy, Remedyforce, or FootPrints Service Core with RightStar’s ScanStar Classic barcode scanning integration

RightStar’s ScanStar Classic makes tracking physical assets quick, easy, and accurate while eliminating the risk of human error inherent with manual tracking processes. Developed specifically to integrate with BMC Remedyforce, BMC FootPrints Service Core, and BMC Remedy ITSM, ScanStar barcode scanning provides a low cost, highly reliable method of ensuring database integrity, especially among movable assets as well as assets that are not easily discoverable.

ScanStar allows you to record the movement of inventory items from one location and/or user to another and provides a record of all actions associated with an item throughout its lifecycle. In addition, ScanStar complements auto-discovery software tools, which can identify inventory items but cannot always locate them or determine ownership electronically.
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RightStar in the Morning Podcast featuring ScanStar

RightStar in the Morning Podcast featuring ScanStar

ScanStar Feature Highlights

  • Easy-to-use asset tracking
  • Maintains fixed asset inventories in a variety of business environments
  • Saves time and labor costs on tedious manual inventory counts
  • Prevents inventory errors and inventory loss on valuable equipment
  • One-button audit — Simple asset tag scan reveals model description, asset tag, serial number, building, room, and client assigned
  • Runs on Windows Mobile-based scanners supported by RightStar
  • Works out-of-the-box or can be configured to meet your specific requirements
  • Optimized for speed and maximum data storage
  • Synchronizes only records updated since previous session
  • Wireless support – Ability to synchronize wirelessly or via the scanner cradle
  • Allows you to modify any displayed asset data during field audits
  • Warns you if an asset is not found in inventory; allows new item creation on-the-fly
  • Optimized form and field placement makes field data entry faster than ever
  • Records movement of inventory items from one location, person, client and/or organization to another
  • Track your own custom attributes as well
  • Provides a record of all activity associated with an asset throughout its lifecycle
  • Maintains a complete history of an item’s lifecycle

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