Box Cloud Content Management

By combining the core features of traditional content management with the usability of typical online collaboration software, Box Cloud Content Management is reinventing how organizations share, manage, and access all of their content. 


Capture Put your content in the cloud for access anywhere, anytime

  • Create and organize multiple layers of folders with various levels of user permissions
  • Download, view, and edit any type of file securely on any web browser
  • Use any cross platform environment, from Windows and Mac OS to Linux
  • Access and view files on-the-go with your iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices
  • Brand Box with your logo and color scheme to make users feel safe and secure


Connect Share content and collaborate in a secure online workspace

  • Create a shared workspace and easily invite anyone, from co-workers to contractors
  • Avoid time-consuming downloads by viewing files in your browser, from Microsoft Office to Adobe Photoshop and Flash video content
  • Leave comments and feedback attached to specific documents, eliminating email overload
  • View or revert back to old files after new versions are uploaded
  • Find the file or folder you need with Box’s full-text search engine
  • Discover new and updated content via the real-time Updates tab


Collaborate Replace your file server with a smarter, simpler cloud-based solution

  • Share large files easily with a single vendor or an entire department
  • Receive automatic email alerts when people upload, download, or update files
  • Use direct web links to share project folders or individual files
  • Streamline workflow by assigning tasks to approve, review, or update files
  • Sync Box folders to your desktop for offline access
  • Create widgets to share files on any web page or create a ‘dropbox’ to privately collect incoming files


Integrate – Customize, integrate, or build custom solutions onto Box
  • Connect your content to other enterprise cloud services, including Google Apps, NetSuite, Salesforce, and SugarCRM
  • View and edit documents and spreadsheets using Google Docs, EditGrid and Zoho
  • Fax agreements stored on Box with eFax
  • Sign, send, and approve contracts digitally using DocuSign
  • View CAD files in your browser with Autodesk Freewheel
  • Merge and compare multiple documents with TextFlow
  • Benefit from dozens of additional integrated applications and services

Contact RightStar to request a 2 week BoxCloud Content Management trial


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