Bomgar Remote Support Appliance

With Bomgar, you’ll replace legacy remote access tools with a complete solution designed for the needs of security-conscious support organizations. Bomgar enables support representatives to access, diagnose, control and fix remote computers and mobile devices – including Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. All through a secure appliance from your preferred device!

Cross-Platform Remote Support Software
Bomgar lets you support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. Because all supported platforms are included in the core product, you can resolve issues spanning multiple systems without creating multiple audit trails. Supporting everything with one solution speeds incident handling time and support rep productivity.

Non-Windows Operating Systems
Bomgar Remote Desktop Support supports Windows 95 through Windows 7, Mac OS X and multiple Linux distributions. It also enables remote control for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile over the web through numerous built-in device emulators. Bomgar standardizes the support process, making each incident the same no matter what operating system the remote computer is running.

Session Distribution
Bomgar enables service desk reps to handle multiple sessions within a tabbed interface. While software installs on one system, the rep can reboot a second computer and troubleshoot a third. Bomgar’s Equilibrium functionality automatically distributes remote support sessions within a team to the most available rep, so that a rep handling only one session would receive a session before a rep handling two.

Scripts & Tools
With Bomgar you can create, organize, and catalogue any number of pre-built scripts. This enables your service desk to automate routine diagnostics, troubleshooting and remediation. Scripts can also reference a file for more robust tasks, such as software installations. This functionality is cross-platform and can be shared across teams to ensure that every technician is using best practices. In addition to scripts, Bomgar offers numerous shortcuts and tools (such as file transfer, reboot, system info, and command line) that speed and automate your service desk’s job.

Reporting & Administrative Dashboard
Bomgar Remote Desktop Support enables you to monitor all remote support sessions in real time. Administrators can transfer sessions, join sessions, or even view the rep’s entire desktop for performance monitoring. After the fact, Bomgar’s customizable exit survey enables you to measure your rep’s performance with users and Bomgar’s extensive reporting data gives you a clear picture of your most vital metrics. Bomgar Customers have seen:

  • Increased 1st Call Resolution by 35-45%
  • Reduced Incident Handling Time by 25-50%
  • Reduced On-Site Visits by as Much as 90%
  • Decreased Call Escalation by 10-30%

Additionally, Bomgar’s customizable exit survey enables you to gauge your most important metric, customer satisfaction, on a session by session basis and gain valuable information about customers’ preferences.

Service desks at Fortune 500 companies like Humana in healthcare and Fiserv in financial services use Bomgar to support their users. Bomgar enables granular control over rep permissions through individual or group policies integrated with your own internal directory using LDAP, RADIUS, Kerberos, or other security providers. Beyond controlling access, Bomgar gives you the capability to record every session in video format so that you can audit every click and keystroke of every session, thus ensuring the integrity of user and system data. At the end of the session, you even have the option to provide the customer with a transcript of the chat conversation and a video of the session.

Escalation & Integration
If a session needs to be escalated, the Bomgar rep can transfer or share the session with another rep or another team, enabling technicians from all over the company to be on the same screen resolving the problem. This escalation process can be initiated from the web without downloading any software using Bomgar’s Click-to-Chat feature. With Bomgar, you can even give your clients a short-cut into the remote support process by placing a Bomgar Button on their desktop. One click and your customer can begin receiving remote support over the web.


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