BMC Service Request Management

BMC Service Request Management allows IT and other service provider organizations (such as human resources and facilities) to easily define available services, publish those services in a service catalog, and automate the request and fulfillment of those services for the end-user community through a service request management portal. It also provides users with access to knowledge base articles, which helps deflect calls to the service desk.

Improve operational efficiency with a Service Catalog
By deploying a service catalog that includes clear definitions in terms the end user understands, you can speed the service request and fulfillment lifecycle process significantly. Predefined questionnaires ensure that all required information is collected from end users, resulting in accurate, automated workflow processing. This automation enforces consistency of process and speeds requests through approval and fulfillment stages, resulting in improved operational efficiency and service quality.

Empower end users
The easy-to-use portal gives your users all the information they need to request services from the service catalog. It is a central hub for users to search for knowledge base articles, receive corporate news updates, review information about services (such as costs and service levels), submit new service requests, and track the status of existing requests.

Employ BMC’s self-service portal for mobile devices
The mobile self-service portal of the BMC Mobility for IT Service Management suite lets your end users submit, update, and track service requests from a variety of mobile devices. Like other BMC Mobility applications, it is available for major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile, thus supporting your bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiative. The native mobile app is intuitive to use, fully functional offline, and makes use of various mobile device capabilities.


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