BMC Remedyforce IT Service Desk

Built on Salesforce — the world’s most widely used cloud platform

BMC Remedyforce IT Service Desk allows you to automate your service management processes, employ ITIL best practices, and deliver services more efficiently without investing in expensive hardware and software licenses, all without complex programming. Leveraging BMC’s 20+ years of ITSM experience with the security, reliability, and performance of the Salesforce platform, Remedyforce puts innovative technologies at your fingertips with drag-and-drop ease.




Why BMC Remedyforce IT Service Desk? 

  • Leverages the performance and power of the Salesforce platform
  • End-to-end process integration with built-in ITIL best practices
  • Provides secure social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities
  • Intuitive administration and configuration keeps you focused on delivering business value
  • Seamless upgrades ensure you get the most value from your Remedyforce investment
  • Personalized self-service gives users new access to service offerings
  • Automation and integration reduce manual labor and streamline service delivery
  • Dashboards and analytics drive information sharing and informed decisions

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What comes with BMC Remedyforce IT Service Desk?

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See what’s included with Remedyforce Service Desk

Incident and Problem Management
Provides a best practice approach to the management of incidents, problems, service requests, and tasks.

Change Management
Tracks, controls, and reports on the process of IT change management, with workflow based on your business requirements. Minimize risk through  process enforcement and approval automation.

CMDB and Configuration Management
Maintains accurate asset information in the Remedyforce Configuration Management Database (CMDB), providing visibility into root cause and impact analysis. Take control of your IT environment and make better decisions with accurate configuration data, including relationships between assets, in a topographical view. Includes the ability to detect collisions and analyze impact.

Release Management
Covers the processes for planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, test, and deployment of releases and new functionality while protecting the integrity of existing services.

Provides a portal for customers/employees to resolve their own issues or needs. Users can submit new service requests, search for solutions to common problems in a vast knowledge base or view the status of previously submitted incidents. Includes access to self-service via mobile devices.

Service Catalog
Create a catalog of IT and business services for customers to browse and request without contacting support.

Mobile Apps for IT and the Business
IT agents can perform virtually any task they would perform at their computer, from their mobile device, leveraging the Salesforce1 platform. Provides full self-service functionality including the ability to check status, submit incidents, browse and submit service requests, check knowledge articles, manage approvals, and follow Chatter conversations from a mobile device.

Service Level Management
Maintains customer satisfaction and accountability. It also applies to operational agreements with departments outside IT and extends to underpinning contracts with third party vendors as well.

Dashboards and Analytics
Use customizable quickviews and dashboards so agents have an instant visual display of key performance indicators across a range of process, performance, and workload measurements.

View reports for managing and optimizing help desk and IT asset management operations. The powerful Salesforce1 platform ensures the sophistication, visibility, and flexibility needed to keep track of key performance and capacity data across your organization.

Social Collaboration with Chatter
The revolutionary Chatter® functionality in allows agents to collaborate to solve incidents and customers to contact IT via a Chatter post. Agents can follow any object to gain collective knowledge. Chatter also provides business processing, such as approvals, in a social tool.

ITIL Best Practices
Remedyforce  includes the Alignability Process Model, giving customers access to industry best practices across all major IT service management areas.

Knowledge Management
Knowledge management helps customers and agents search and resolve common help desk issues. Reduces training requirements for new IT staff and saves time troubleshooting known issues. Includes the publishing, review, approval, and retirement process for knowledgebase articles available to constituents.

Create, schedule and manage the distribution of surveys to understand the satisfaction of your customer base. Surveys are easy to configure and administer and provide an automated approach to gathering feedback.

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