BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

Discover how to meet your needs for a flexible, scalable, and configurable cloud. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 2.0 makes it easier than ever to deliver the right cloud for your business — including the flexibility of configurable multi-tier cloud services, the control of policy-based management, and the usability of industry-leading administrative and user portals. Watch the demo to see it for yourself.

BMC brings together the benefits of traditional IT management — operational excellence, automation, and service delivery models — and merges them with the dynamic potential of cloud architectures. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management provides the foundation for a strong, flexible, and valuable cloud infrastructure that supports IT operations and delivers exceptional service quality to the business.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management delivers a cloud that supports configurable multi-tier cloud services, as well as intelligent policy-based management for operational efficiency and control. The flexibility built into the solution — from open, heterogeneous platform support to secure multi-tenancy to integration with IT operations — supports tight alignment with business needs and IT requirements.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management features:

  • Easy-to-use cloud administration portal and user self-service portal
  • Flexible service design and provisioning with Service Blueprints
  • Intelligent policy-based placement and ongoing operations with the industry’s first Service Governor
  • Secure multi-tenancy based on deep network integrations
  • Ongoing operations with integrated ITIL® processes, performance and capacity management
  • Support for heterogeneity, from physical to virtual, multi-hypervisor, public cloud integrations and more


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