BMC Service Level Management

BMC Service Level Management enables business customers and IT management to work collaboratively to define service level requirements, track service levels, measure service level compliance, and drive continuous service improvement initiatives, so that IT can proactively meet the needs of the business.


BMC Service Level Management:

  • Manages service levels for both the delivery and support of business services
  • Provides a fast, repeatable process for defining and capturing service level measurements using out-of-the-box templates and data collectors
  • Delivers service level information directly to the service catalog to allow customers to request offerings based on service level
  • Proactively delivers service level data to IT consoles, enabling staff to prioritize activities based on business relevance
  • Provides real-time visualization of service level target and agreement compliance data
  • Automatically calculates the monetary impact cost, as well as compliance penalties and rewards
  • Performs compliance and cost trending to identify areas for process and operational improvements


With BMC Service Level Management you will:

  • Increase business impact — Initially target priority areas and leverage incremental product capabilities over time to improve service level management maturity
  • Increase transparency — Provide the business and IT with a shared view of service level requirements, current service levels delivered, and compliance against service targets
  • Increase customer satisfaction — Enable IT staff to identify and act on incidents with highest business urgency and use trend data to proactively identify and track continuous service improvement plans
  • Reduce IT costs — Eliminate time-consuming and labor-intensive data gathering, allocate staff and infrastructure resources more efficiently, and proactively manage priorities to avoid service penalties

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