BMC Atrium Dashboards and Analytics

BMC Dashboard ManagerBMC Atrium Dashboard Manager

Key Metrics with a Dashboard View

Gain visibility into key IT performance indicators through point-and-click analysis, advanced reporting, and a dashboard view of critical IT processes for improved decision-making.

BMC Atrium Dashboards and Analytics key features:

  • Fully customizable, personalized, and role-based views for key performance indicators (KPI’s) aligned with ITIL® best practices
  • Highly intuitive, graphical interface with right-time metrics aggregated across IT processes
  • Drill-down and trending capabilities across business services
  • A pre-built data “universe” that lets non-technical users create reports in seconds, without programming
  • A Web-based interface for interactive, ad hoc query and analysis
  • Summarized, cross-functional views of IT performance

With BMC Atrium Dashboards and Analytics, you have the ability to:

  • Optimize decision-making and accelerate results
  • Understand at-a-glance how effectively IT is supporting critical business applications and services
  • Share and communicate common business metrics and goals to stakeholders at all levels

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