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In this article, I’d like to share some things have been added to Remedy ITSM that may not have been noticed by some of our customers. I know I missed them initially! You should have these if you have 8.1 Service Pack 1.

First: Change Calendar. You can now see Incidents and Problems on the Change Calendar, along with Changes and Releases. To enable the data sources, go to Application Administration/Custom/Change Management/Advanced Options/Change Calendar

1. Configure Change Calendar


And here is the result!

2. Change Calendar


Second: Surveys. Another feature which I think didn’t get enough attention was modifications to the Survey module. Did you know you can now have more than 4 questions on your surveys? If you go to Application Administration/Custom/Service Request Management/Advanced/Survey Configuration, you can add a survey with more than four questions – see my very exciting (not) example below with six questions:

3. Survey  Configuration


And the result (once I connected the new survey to the appropriate service request, submitted it, and closed it) was the following survey – all six questions, 4 on the first page, 2 on the second:

4. Survey Page 1

5. Survey Page 2


Third: SRM Marketing slides. To be honest, this option might have been out there for awhile, but I didn’t notice it until recently. If you are using SRM instead of MyIT, and want to hide the Marketing slides for a particular company – you can!

Go to Application Administration/Custom/Service Request Management/Advanced/Preferences – on the second tab, set “Show Marketing Slides” to “No” (and while you’re there, Tab 1 has some Survey configuration options and Tab 2 has some other interesting options!) –

6. Configure Marketing slides


And – No marketing slides in SRM!

7. SRM No Marketing Slides


Look for more in upcoming posts! And if you have a feature you think didn’t get enough attention and should be publicized – let me know! anne.brock@rightstar.com



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