Creating a Service Catalog in FPSC 12

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By Roger East, RightStar Systems

Creating a Service Catalog in FPSC v12 is pretty straight forward once you understand the steps so here is a step by step guide.

Step 1

Go to Administration and select your Service Desk workspace. Navigate to the Service Request form and select the Quick Templates from the left colum. This is where you can add new templates or view existing templates.


I will pull up an existing template for New Hire from the list. You will note this is where we define field values for this template


In this example we are also linking several Subtask (also templates) to the overall New Hire Request


Looking at one of those Subtask templates you will note that I indicate I want the Short Description to be inherited from the New Request


You will see here that on the New Hire Request I type the Short Description using the name of the New Hire


Once you save the New Hire Request record you can see the linked Subtask and note the Short Description from the New Hire ticket (Joe Smith) automatically shows on all of the Subtask


Step 2

Now that we have created the Templates, if we want to view this in Self-service we need to establish the Service Catalog Tree. Under Administration, select Service Portfolio


Select Category Tree


Populate the entry in the Category Tree to allow viewing in Self-service. Here is where you also select the icon you want to appear in Self-service


Here is the Self-service view


Step 3

Now we need to link the Templates to the Category Tree. Under Service Portfolio, select View Services.  Select the New Hire example to see how we configure this.


Here is where we can Identify the Template (New Hire), record the information to be displayed when a user selects this and to set the Status


Here is the rest of that form where you will note we link the Request Template to the Category


Business Rule Option:

In the example we just used, the Subtask were static and applied to all New Hire Request, but the Subtask can also be dynamically created/applied using Business Rules. In this example we have a Business Rule that says if the Personnel Actions equals Transfer we want to apply another Subtask (loaner laptop) to this New Hire request


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