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Since RightStar’s founding in 2003, the midsize IT business market has been a significant focus area and, as a result, we now have more than 400 active midsize customers.  These organizations typically face the same challenges as large enterprise, yet lack the resources and budgets for significant investments in the business service management space.  RightStar offers solutions and services geared towards mid-sized organizations:

ITSM Implementations. Remedyforce and FootPrints Service Core provide strong, out-of-the-box integration capabilities that lead to improved efficiency and performance of the service desk. RightStar assists with consulting, design, and implementation of the solution.

Asset and Configuration Management. In order for an IT organization to be fully efficient and effective, it must manage its service-related assets well. The full lifecycle of an asset should be managed from the point of acquisition through disposal. The value of effective IT asset and configuration management (ITSACM) to the business is recognized by the optimization of performance for systems and components and by the mitigation of risks caused by poor management, which could lead to service outages and failed audits.

RightStar’s ScanStar makes tracking physical IT assets quick, easy and accurate.  Developed specifically to integrate with BMC FootPrints, Remedyforce, and Remedy, ScanStar barcode scanning provides a low cost, highly reliable method of ensuring database integrity, especially among movable assets and assets that are not easily discoverable.

Enhanced Self-Service.  RightStar offers BMC MyIT, a modern self-service app for BMC Remedyforce and Remedy that helps end-users resolve their own issues more of the time. More efficient self-service means IT costs decrease while customer satisfaction and productivity improve.

ITSM/ITIL® Process Assessments.  Faced with limited resources and budgets, mid-sized firms are seeking to better prioritize their service improvement efforts. In less than 10 days, RightStar can provide you with a facts-based roadmap providing a structured, actionable and measurable service improvement plan that fits your IT strategy, aligns IT with business goals, and utilizes your resources efficiently.

We’re happy to provide midsize business customer references; please call (703) 242-7200 or email: sales@rightstar.com.


Customer Story – MSI Systems Integrators
Using the out-of-the-box processes of BMC Alignability for Service Desk Express, RightStar significantly accelerated the implementation of an ITIL®-compliant service desk.
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