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Now you can proactively identify and resolve availability and performance problems fast with BMC Operations Management (TrueSight). TrueSight delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution that can monitor and analyze complex IT environments while supporting business priorities and service-level objectives. It addresses past events through root cause analysis, present activities through real-time analytics, and future needs through integration and planning.

The three main components of TrueSight Operations Management – Infrastructure Management, IT Data Analytics, and Event and Impact Management – work together to deliver rapid problem resolution.


BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Integrates dynamic behavior learning and real-time proactive analytics across multiple data sources. This component of TrueSight Operations Management monitors the system for even the smallest changes in data behavior, correlates and analyzes that data, uncovers root cause and saves successful service resolutions to discover future issues before they impact the end user.
Download BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management datasheet


BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics

IT Data Analytics uses the tightly integrated monitoring, event, and service-impact management components of TrueSight Operations Management to capture and correlate all IT operations data (such as metrics, event, and log data) to maintain an effective IT operations workflow. IT Data Analytics uses the existing TrueSight agent infrastructure – a single agent for log and monitoring data, along with centralized administration to drastically lower TCO.
Download BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics datasheet


BMC TrueSight Event and Impact Management

BMC TrueSight Event and Impact Management helps you minimize service disruptions to your business and users through advanced analytics that automatically correlate and prioritize events across multiple technologies, platforms, vendors, and data sources.


TrueSight delivers the future of IT today with:

  • Comprehensive Visibility: IT operations teams receive end-to-end visibility across heterogeneous infrastructure, apps, middleware, and business services.
  • Intelligent Troubleshooting: Analytics-driven troubleshooting helps IT find patterns and identify service issues before they happen.
  • Empowered IT: Operations teams can accumulate and share knowledge, enabling non-experts to quickly find information and achieve a faster MTTR.
  • Business Driven: Real-time analytics allow IT to measure, baseline, and predict end-user experience to determine the business impact of performance issues, and respond according to business priorities.
  • Seamless Integration: IT can seamlessly integrate BMC TrueSight Operations Management with other systems and services, including BMC ITSM solutions.
  • Future Ready: Support for new technologies, and the ability to integrate new products and services gives IT the tools and confidence to innovate.

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