BMC TrueSight

Elevate IT operations with AIOps

TrueSight is an AIOps platform, powered by machine learning and analytics, that elevates IT operations to address multi-cloud complexity and the speed of digital transformation.


Advance your IT operations with AIOps to get:

  • Machine-assisted pattern recognition instead of false alarms and alarm storms
  • Proactive problem identification and resolution instead of manual triage and remediation
  • Dynamic capacity management and public cloud cost control instead of reactive capacity allocation
  • Automated, data-driven analysis instead of manual, rule-based reporting
  • Dynamic pattern discovery and prediction instead of static thresholds
  • Full digital experience management instead of infrastructure monitoring silos


Advanced analytics power TrueSight

Our analytics engine identifies patterns in digital data that are unrecognizable using rules-based event management. It analyzes your dynamic infrastructure, monitoring, and service desk information, in real time, and automatically applies analytics to:

  • Predict future performance issues with dynamic baselining
  • Forecast resource utilization, including public cloud cost, with capacity analytics
  • Focus on the most likely source of a problem with probable cause analytics
  • Discover issues captured in logs of a problem with log analytics
  • Identify problems driving incidents with clustering and anomaly detection


Event Management

Elevate IT operations with analytics-driven event and impact management. TrueSight automatically correlates and prioritizes events across the entire IT landscape, raising IT operations above the noise and putting focus on the events that actually impact the business.

  • Correlate and prioritize events from all areas of your data center and cloud infrastructure
  • Automatically generate incident tickets, notifying the service desk before users are impacted
  • Discover and learn normal and abnormal behavior of monitored applications and services
  • Integrate and analyze events from other third-party monitoring solutions


Root Cause Analysis

Elevate problem resolution with machine-assisted root cause analysis. TrueSight brings probability modeling to root cause analysis, which scores events and metrics for likely impact on KPIs and tells you the most likely cause. With an unmatched breadth of domain knowledge and IT data integration, TrueSight finds causes before issues can impact the business and keeps IT ahead of problems.

  • Patented analytics of events, performance metrics, and logs
  • Root cause identification and resolution in a simple workflow
  • Scoring system dynamically adjusts to your data and environment


Capacity Optimization

Elevate understanding of your entire environment as one resource. Using predictive analytics, TrueSight brings deep visibility into the entire IT landscape, through unparalleled integration of usage data for cost and utilization management. Only TrueSight brings together simulation forecasting and autonomic controls to provide holistic capacity optimization to IT operations.

  • Reserve and schedule IT infrastructure resources for onboarding applications
  • Forecast and model changes in demand to adjust IT resources as needed
  • Optimize the use of cloud services with visibility for best placement and cost of service
  • Plan and optimize your big data infrastructure and budget
  • Report the cost of IT resources to business and IT stakeholders

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