BMC Capacity Optimization (TrueSight)

BMC Capacity Optimization

Full capacity and cost visibility

BMC Capacity Optimization provides robust and flexible mechanisms to collect performance, capacity, and configuration data on any IT resource, including compute (both distributed and mainframe —physical, virtual, and cloud), database, storage, and network, as well as business key performance indicators (KPIs). BMC Capacity Optimization uses agent-less connectors based on Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) technology to collect data from virtually any data source. Out-of-the-box connectors easily integrate data with BMC solutions and popular third-party management tools.


Key Features

Extensive platform support
Manage the capacity of all your resources, including compute (physical, virtual, and cloud), databases, storage, network and more. Get full-stack visibility into clouds based on OpenStack, vCloud and other technologies.

Advanced analytics
Leverage advanced analytics to plan resource provisioning and reservations, aligning to expected business growth and new business demand.

Capacity and cost visibility
Support timely decision-making on IT investments. Provide capacity and cost visibility to all stakeholders from a technical, service, and business perspective.

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