BMC Innovation Suite

Innovation Suite enables developers and business users to easily tailor and create digital service management apps in the cloud, using a rich portfolio of intuitive design tools, REST APIs and a library of reusable components.

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For Developers and Business Users

Combining the power of microservices-based architecture and REST APIs with the simplicity of the drag-and-drop design, Innovation Suite empowers teams to easily collaborate on digital service management apps and delivers a new paradigm for rapid enterprise application development. Business users can create or tailor user interfaces, business logic, and data models using visual design tools based on business process modeling languages. Developers enjoy the freedom to create highly differentiated applications on an extensible, enterprise-ready platform using Java®, JavaScript®, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, or REST APIs.



Innovation Suite provides the ability to create custom enterprise apps that meet the necessary scale, security, load, and localization requirements of the world’s largest organizations. You can build your app once and then empower your customers to skin, brand, configure, and enhance it without affecting the upgrade or support experience.

Innovation Suite includes five core components that allow the business and IT to collaborate on enterprise apps:

Innovation Studio: Enable business analysts to rapidly tailor enterprise apps, known as Smart Apps, using visual drag-and- drop design tools.

Innovation SDK: By leveraging this set of tools and resources, developers can use modern coding languages to create applications, extend Innovation Studio, and build integrations.

REST APIs: Easily integrate apps into external systems, which can be reused in custom applications.

Developer Education: Developers can quickly get up to speed via a host of online educational resources.

Library of Connectors and Components: Effortlessly extend and configure applications using this collection of preconfigured assets:

° Connectors: These rich APIs enable developers to integrate Smart Apps with external systems. A framework to help developers create connectors is included.

° Reusable Code: Developers can build apps faster by turning these discrete pieces of code into reusable, shareable components.


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