BMC FootPrints ITSM

IT service management for mid-size organizations

BMC FootPrints 12 is easy to own, use and extend. Create personalized working experiences for your employees and IT that increase their productivity. Administrators can quickly configure end-to-end business services for IT and beyond. BMC FootPrints integrates easily with other systems such as BMC Client Management, Active Directory, any SQL Database, and more. With configurable capabilities that streamline the automation of service delivery, FootPrints improves employee satisfaction and IT’s reputation with your business users. With little to no technical skill you can:

  • Improve efficiencies by simplifying and automating routine tasks.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by enabling users to resolve common issues on their own.
  • Improve satisfaction with an easy-to-use interface and mobile capabilities.
  • Maintain compliance as you document, record, and centralize IT tasks.
  • Create business value and reduce risk with better visibility into the IT environment.

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You’ll see a new modern and flexible user interface with the same ease of use you expect from FootPrints.

FootPrints Service Core 12 image 1

BMC FootPrints changes the service desk experience for administrators, agents and business users. It automate processes across your organization and streamlines your business services with a highly intuitive user interface, options to personalize your service desk experience, real-time report building, integrated impact analysis and much more.


BMC FootPrints allows you to view the data that is most relevant to you in the form that you prefer. Personalize for each team member or lock down a particular view for a specific team.

FootPrints Service Core 12 image 2


Managing FootPrints 12 while delivering its extensive power to users is a simple administrative task with drag and drop visual administration. Users can visually analyze impacts from within any record (incidents, problems, contacts, solutions, services, configuration items and more) by clicking a button.

FootPrints Service Core 12 image 3


Different users need different information. Using simple drag-and-drop, you can create a wide variety of reports and dashboards. To create a report, simply select from any one of a number of standard report templates and configure it, adding, changing, moving, or deleting fields as needed.

FootPrints Service Core 12 image 4


FootPrints Service Core 12 image 5Agents, customers, and change approvers will find it easy to manage tasks, stay on top of appointments and chat with one another or with business users anytime, anywhere and, with HTML5, any mobile device.



FootPrints 12 delivers so many more features, including:

» Streamlined Navigation with tabs, breadcrumbs and wizards
» Out-of-the-box ITSM and other business processes
» Easily export configurations from a test environment and import into production
» Drag and drop form builders for any record type including ticket, service and email templates
» Schedule reports and choose your delivery option
» Build reports based on saved search criteria
» BMC Client Management integration automatically creates and updates tickets for asset issues

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