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An Atlassian advisory engagement can be a wise complement to the purchase of your Atlassian toolset. Sessions are customized to your needs and delivered in the form of workshops and a strategic plan of execution. Key members of your team, both individually and collectively, work alongside RightStar Atlassian Experts to assess current conditions and create a plan to accomplish what’s most important to you.

In addition, pertinent documentation is prepared for you that includes the reviews and assessments findings and outline your plan of execution. The plan will include both short-term goals to realize immediate benefit from your Atlassian tools as well as a phased approach to accomplish each goal predetermined during your sessions with RightStar.


DevOps Consulting

RightStar offers DevOps solutions to assist companies to drive down costs, enhance the customer experience and improve operational processes. RightStar’s objective is to assist organizations to move quickly towards a more DevOps centered IT culture. DevOps organizations experience increased competitive advantages, enabling faster time to market, increased customer satisfaction, and employee productivity.  Why?  Because technology has become the dominate value creation process and an increasingly important means of customer satisfaction. 

Many large organizations have implemented a wide variety of DevOps processes and tools from organizations such as Atlassian, IBM, Microsoft, and HP. Although DevOps standards are not yet as mature as ITSM’s ITIL framework, DevOps domain capabilities center around the following:

  • Test Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Build Management
  • Project Management
  • Defect and Issue Management
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • IT Governance

RightStar provides DevOps advisory services focused on four primary areas within IT: culture, organization, processes and tools. Since there are no prescribed DevOps patterns and practices, implementations vary. RightStar relies on its experience with other organizations and previous best practice experience to provide you with a solution tailored to your company's needs.

Additionally, RightStar advisory services for a DevOps rollout is based upon the following phases of the software development lifecycle.

  • Plan. Requirements, resource management, capacity planning and assigning levels of effort based on either Story points or hours to complete a task
  • Build. Staging the code in an automated way, have automated peer reviews for good coding practices, collaborating with the teams to deliver information accurately and efficiently to change approval boards, and testing groups
  • Continuous Integration. Defined branching and merging, automated testing based on defined branches, and traceability
  • Deployment. Use an automation tool or tools to help with deployment
  • Operate. Server monitoring and application performance monitoring should be automated Incident, change, and problem tracking
  • Continuous Feedback. Better products through user feedback


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