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Having the right Atlassian tools to accomplish your objectives is half the battle. However, knowing how to effectively and strategically utilize the tools’ capabilities to your full advantage can be a challenge. RightStar has the expertise and experience to advance you forward so you can realize your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) goals and benefit from the powerful capabilities provided by your Atlassian tools.


Strategic ALM Advisory Services

An Atlassian advisory engagement can be a wise complement to the purchase of your Atlassian toolset. Sessions are customized to your needs and delivered in the form of workshops and a strategic plan of execution. Key members of your team, both individually and collectively, work alongside RightStar Atlassian Experts to assess current conditions and create a plan to accomplish what’s most important to you.

In addition, pertinent documentation is prepared for you that includes the reviews and assessments findings and outline your plan of execution. The plan will include both short-term goals to realize immediate benefit from your Atlassian tools as well as a phased approach to accomplish each goal predetermined during your sessions with RightStar.





Atlassian Product Consulting

As a strategic Atlassian Expert Partner, RightStar can help you drive organizational transformation from a single Atlassian product implementation to a full enterprise solution. Based on best practices in your industry, RightStar will enable your implementation from installation and configuration to long-term strategy planning.

JIRA, JIRA Agile, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Capture

Areas addressed in the consulting engagement:

  1. Process
  2. Workflows
  3. Dashboards
  4. Permissions
  5. Planning and implementation of recommended plugins
  6. Integrations with either external or Atlassian products


Confluence, Confluence Calendars, Confluence Questions, HipChat

Areas addressed in the consulting engagement:

  1. Architecture
    a. Pages
    b. General Structure
  2. Permissions
  3. Planning and implementation of recommended plugins
  4. Integrations with either external or Atlassian products
  5. Branding
    a. Simple: handled within this consulting engagement
    b. Corporate: see Branding Services


Stash, Stash Data Center, Bitbucket, SourceTree

Areas addressed in the consulting engagement:

  1. Permissions
  2. Branching Strategies
  3. Merging Strategies
  4. Workflows


Development and Building
Bamboo, Crowd, Fisheye, Crucible

Areas addressed in the consulting engagement:

  1. Bamboo
    a. Build Scenarios
    b. Build Dependencies
    c. Continuous Builds
  2. Fisheye/Crucible
    a. Branching
    b. Merging
    c. Workflows
  3. Crowd
    a. Integrations to LDAP/AD
    i. Policies and nested groups


Version Control
GIT, Subversion, or any other tools in use

Areas addressed in the consulting engagement:

  1. GIT Health Check
  2. GIT Architecture
  3. GIT Migrations: See Migrations






Branding Services

RightStar can help you customize and brand Confluence to work the way your distributed teams do. Get up and running quickly with a look and flexibility that fits your organization now and grows with your teams.

Branding can enhance user adoption and provide a familiar platform for social collaboration and the delivery of information, such as docs, blogs, calendars, etc., while using all the features that make Confluence the leading collaboration tool in the market, such as @mentions, watching, and voting. In short, you’ll be able to simplify and organize content so your team members can get onboard quickly and do their best work without duplicating efforts in reporting or sharing information. Contact RightStar for more information.





Migration Services

Whether you’re migrating to JIRA, Confluence, or GIT, RightStar can help you maintain control and keep your data safe as you migrate to your Atlassian tool. Hiring a RightStar Atlassian consultant may actually save you money in time and potentially costly errors.

When migrating from one tool to another, you’ll want to address the following:

  1. Business needs and identifying any potential problems or issues
  2. Run-throughs of several iterations before finalizing the solution
  3. Training for the users on the new upgraded platform

RightStar provides migration services for the following products:

  • Migrate to JIRA
  • Migrate to Confluence
  • Migrate to GIT

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