Aspera Software License Management

Aspera Strategic License Management Overview

Aspera Strategic License Management Overview

Software License Optimization from the Desktop to the Data Center

SmartTrack, supports a fully transparent Software Asset Management process, delivering automatic and accurate deployment of existing license entitlements for immediate cost savings and compliance. When software inventory and usage, maintenance and warranties, license entitlements, and financial details are kept in spreadsheets and disparate systems, Software Asset Managers spend more time tracking down information and less time ensuring compliance and preventing vendor audits. With Aspera SmartTrack this vital information is centralized at your fingertips.

SmartTrack, Aspera’s Software License Management Tool,  consists of four standard modules. With SmartTrack you can save up to 30% in software licensing costs within 12 months while ensuring compliance and preventing audits.

Aspera SmartTrack Modules

ST  SmartTrack Module
Your Intelligent License and Entitlement Inventory

The SmartTrack Module (ST) consolidates all publisher, supplier, licensing, and entitlement information in one place. With ST you can:

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of procured licenses
  • Better respond to software requests by transferring unused licenses
  • Purchase only the number of licenses needed to avoid over-spending
  • Prove license compliance at any time, for all publishers and vendors


ICM  Inventory Connect Module
Your Centralized Software Inventory

The Inventory Connect Module (ICM) automates the consolidation, normalization, and completion of software installation and usage evidence into a single uniform system of record. With ICM you can:

  • Manage client, server, virtual, and cloud software using a single management solution
  • Continually measure and track the demand for licenses to ensure compliance
  • Increase productivity by leveraging standardized and structured processes


CMM – Contract Management Module
Your Enterprise Agreement Management Kit 

The Contract Management Module (CMM) tracks and proactively reports on all volume software license agreements. With CMM you can:

  • Ensure contract milestone are met and never miss a renewal or expiration deadline
  • Immediately prepare for true-ups with all the required information at their fingertips
  • Manage payments and documents through versioning and approvals


DMM – Data Management Module
Your License Management Report Dashboard 

The Data Management Module (DMM) tracks all day-to-day Software License Management activities using a dashboard with over 20 out-of-the-box and configurable KPI reports. With DMM you can:

  • Benefit from transparency, tracking data feeds and interfaces to insure license records, software usage data and other important information do not go missing
  • Proactively improve the data quality within SAM and other related areas such as the CMDB
  • Keep track of how well SmartTrack and the Master Catalog work for you


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