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RightStar’s President and CEO Dick Stark
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RightStar Systems is a leading provider of ITIL®-based IT service management solutions for mid-size and enterprise organizations; federal, state, and local government agencies; and educational institutions. As an Elite BMC Software Solution Partner, RightStar provides consulting, design, and implementation services for BMC Service Support, Service Assurance, Service Automation, and Governance products. As a complement to these services, RightStar offers on-site ITIL® assessments, providing strategic roadmaps for delivering services to the business more cost-effectively, accredited ITIL® Certification training, and a specialized line of RightStar software products that add essential functionality to your IT service management system.

With a focus on Business Service Management (BSM), RightStar delivers successful ITSM implementations that align with the business goals of your organization. As your trusted IT service management partner, we can help you reduce your IT costs through improved efficiencies and enhance your relationships with internal and external customers and suppliers through service quality improvements and reduced service outages.

According to Gartner Research, 30 cents of every dollar spent on IT produces little to no value to the business. Inefficiency and misalignment wastes capital and erodes productivity, resulting in low return on investment. To thrive in today’s economy, your IT organization is required to do more with less by better aligning IT with the business, consolidating applications wherever possible, automating best-practice workflows across multiple platforms, and streamlining services. RightStar is your partner in these endeavors, providing you with the tools, methodology, and guidance you need to exponentially add value to every IT dollar you spend.

RightStar’s History of Success

RightStar Systems was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of Evergreen Systems. Our mission was, and is to this day, to “make every customer a reference” by consistently delivering IT service management solutions unequalled in merit and economic value within the service and support industry. RightStar has grown steadily from $2 million in revenue in 2003 to $50 million in only 7 years – a growth rate of 2,500%– and from a staff of 5 to our current 72 employees and counting. In spite of a meteoric growth, RightStar continues to operate from the viewpoint that we are only as successful as our customers are satisfied.

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